Local Produce Lamps

Fall 2011
Submission for 2011 Vellum Furniture Competition

The everyday foods we eat are usually overlooked--peeled, bitten into, and swallowed. As we distance ourselves from the things we eat, we lose sight of how food used to be produced, harvested, and consumed before the industrial age. The Local Produce Lamp speaks to this disconnect, bringing consumers closer to foods produced locally by engaging their sense of sight, touch, and smell to better understand food than simply consume it.

It is an interplay between human design and natural design. When looking at an orange in a lighting fixture, it is no longer a fruit but a series of circles and lines and colors which create a pattern delightful to the eye. Food then becomes a design tool, informing us of how the natural world works, how it is structured, and blessing us with its beauty.

The lamps can act as a wall sconce or table lamp depending on the setting. Ideal for lighting restaurants, kitchen counters, end tables, and desks, they provide intimate light as well as beautiful natural patterns.